Learn my unique serve first, sell second approach to creating industry expert focused content that builds your credibility and visibility to attract and convert your ideal leads into paying clients.

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Are you ready to easily attract, engage and convert your ideal target audience?

Building a community around your business can seem overwhelming, I know.

You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different information you’re hearing from “coaches and strategists” in different social media spaces.

You have no idea what to actually do that will work.

That’s why I’ve created the Content Ignite™ Program

I want you to have a content strategy in place that will empower you to show up consistently and as the industry expert that you are.

After this 8 week accelerator you will have the confidence to:

  • Show up weekly on video for Instagram

  • Show up as the expert you are

  • Create weekly content calendar with ease

  • Grow & scale your business through Social Media

  • Magnetically attract your ideal customers

  • Authentically nurture your own loyal community

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been winging it

You have no clear content strategy in place and are always creating content last minute.

You have no defined content strategy

Causing you often to feel overwhelmed and frustrated because you’re working hard and barely seeing new client leads. Or you have an expertise, but you don’t know how to develop content that showcases it to your audience.

You avoid showing up on video

Your lack of strategy is making you feel uncomfortable and is impacting the way you show up online, especially when it comes to your video marketing.

You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like implementing tips from marketing gurus, and taking some online courses, but you still feel really unclear about how to show up as the expert that you are.

Truth bomb: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you be seen or gain you credibility as an industry expert one bit.

Maybe they’ve given you some great ideas or things you know you “should” do, but you still somehow backslide into old habits, or overwhelm.

You’re starting to just give up altogether because it’s looking like NOTHING will work. I know, because I’ve been there.

And I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Candice Denise

I help female service-based businesses, coaches and consultants to be seen as a brand authority and industry expert with my unique

‘‘serve first, sell second’’ framework.

Believe it or not, but I used to work at Nordstrom. When I first started, I was frustrated with my inability to ‘‘sell’’ to our customers.

I tried all the techniques that I saw my colleagues use, but to no avail. I was just not a sales person.. So what was I even doing working in retail?

Selling wasn’t who I was, but I learned to connect with the customers through sharing the product knowledge I knew and being myself while doing so, which became the basis of how I made all of my sales.

This experience taught me, above anything else, that when you CONNECT with people authentically and share your knowledge and expertise it will help them make that same buying decision.

I quickly noticed that I could sell so much more this way.

I’ve consistently applied this framework to my own business and after 1 year of consistently hitting 4K+ months and growing my 5k+ community of Lofters on Instagram - I believe it’s time that I teach YOU.

In Content Ignite I’m going to teach you my unique ‘‘serve first, sell second’’ framework, so you can show up authentically, as the expert you are, to generate leads without having to constantly hard sell your service.

How my unique framework will help you magnetically attract your ideal customers

The purpose of content marketing should be to engage with your ideal customer, to provide value and share your expertise to help them.

Business owners have to understand how to spend less time promoting their business and more time providing value to their customers with their expertise instead.

Finding the challenges your target audience is facing and offering tips and tricks to help them overcome these challenges will position you as the GO-TO expert in your niche.

My ‘‘serve first, sell second’’ approach will help YOU understand how to stop leading with business promotion and start leading with value.

Can you imagine?

  • You wake up every morning EXCITED to tackle your video content, because you have the confidence you need to handle it like a PRO.

  • The dollars come flooding into your business because you’re the GO-TO industry expert in your niche

  • You’re building a community & magnetically attracting ideal fans now that you’re not STRESSING about your strategy.

Imagine being able to achieve all of that in just 8 weeks with a proven system that you can use again and again. For real.

Say hello to Content Ignite™

My 8-week accelerator that will change the way you do content marketing forever.

In my intensive group coaching program I will walk you through my unique content strategy, which will transform you into a brand authority and industry expert that results in attracting your ideal clients.

From your hashtags to your audience engagement - Content Ignite covers it all.

Starting March 18th!

‘‘By the end of the program you will have a serve first, sell second approach to magnetically attract ideal clients.’’

Why It’s Worth It

Content Ignite™ Accelerator Features

  • (2) 1:1 Calls (kick off call & exit call)

  • Weekly (90 min.) Live Group Coaching Session

  • 1 on 1 Voxer Message Support

  • Real Time Assignment Feedback

  • Access to Session Recordings/Presentation Slides

  • Access to Program Management Dashboard


  • My Signature Serve First, Sell Second Method

  • A ‘Generate New Followers’ Method

  • A Method To Writing Captions That Convert

  • Targeted Hashtag Development

  • Branding Photoshoot Cheatsheet Template

  • Weekly Content Editorial Calendar Template

  • Step by Step Video Marketing Strategy

  • DFY Instagram templates for Stories, Feed Posts, Highlight Covers and LIVE/IGTV covers

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Content Ignite™

Do you want the ability to attract, engage and

convert your target audience?

Five Course Modules


These modules are PACKED with live weekly coaching, assignments, checklists, templates and more. There’s no such thing as passive learning with this course. We’re getting to WORK! And by the end of the program you’ll have a simple, clear, actionable plan to keep you showing up authentically.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

You’ll connect weekly with a community of like-minded SHE-EO’s who are working to achieve the same business goals as you.

1 on 1 Kick Off Call & Exit Call

Before we get started, we will have a 1:1 kick off call to assess your business and where you are. When we finish you get a 1:1 exit call as you carry into the future of your business.

The social media space can feel completely saturated, right?

And while I totally understand this feeling, it is actually not true! The market is not saturated, it’s just strategic.

That’s why with my ‘‘serve first, sell second’’ framework we put the focus on a long term trajectory.

This means that you will learn how to focus on quality over quantity, and value over vanity.

So you can become the GO-TO industry expert in your niche.

Tiffany Burns

‘‘Within the first five minutes of the call, I was given the encouragement and the reinforcement that I AM a brand authority and until I start seeing myself as one, no one else would. But Candice dropped gems the ENTIRE session. From start to finish, she was giving me all the tools I needed.’’

Joy Nicole

‘‘This was my first experience with a business coach and Candice made me a firm believer that her expertise is an essential part of running my business successfully. The tools I’ve learned to enhance my online presence will stay with me forever and I am so grateful to be a “Lofter” for life.’’

Wanda Torrence

‘‘Candice is an excellent teacher and coach! She is passionate about her craft and goes the extra mile to help other female business owners ‘shoot their shot’. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions ..it was so good ... just ended too soon!’’

‘‘The market is not saturated, it’s just strategic.’’

My Guarantee

I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals of attracting your ideal clients without selling yourself.

That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if the Content Ignite™ is the best choice to get you there.

Here’s the deal: the Content Ignite™ is an elite option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that.

So in case you are still hesitating to apply, here’s a guarantee that you can bank on:

I am willing to promise you that if you participate in all the calls, implement all the work, and you still can't attract your ideal clients with your new content marketing strategy approach as a result of Content Ignite™, then I will work with you one-on-one for FREE until you make back your investment in this program.

I always show you my work. And yes, as long as you show me yours, I will work with you to help you hit your income goals.

If you’re truly ready to magnetically attract your ideal clients using a serve first, sell second content marketing approach AND willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of Content Ignite™, there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.

Limited spots available

How the application process works

Fill in the application form

This form will help me make an informed decision about your application. I want to keep the group small and only accept highly motivated women entrepreneurs who are ready to learn and grow their business.

Discovery call

Yay, your application has been accepted! Now we can schedule a discovery call to discuss EVERYTHING you need to know about Content Ignite™.

You’re in!

Now it’s time to start our 8-week journey together. You will immediately get access to me on Voxer, and we will dive in right away with the first coaching call where you will meet the rest of the group!

Apply now!

Content Ignite™ is starting again on March 18th!


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